Amendment 8 Supporters Receive Major Boost


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Amendment 8 Supporters Receive Major Boost

U.S. Term Limits Founder Donates $100k to


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Aug. 19, 2018) – Amendment 8, known as the education amendment, received a major boost today from Howard Rich, chairman and founder of U.S. Term Limits, another supporter going all-in on the amendment, which among its policies would create eight-year term limits for Florida school board members, bringing fresh faces and ideas to education.


Rich announced his $100k donation to, a non-profit organization created to promote the proposed amendment’s passage. Rich founded U.S. Term Limits in 1992, and the organization has played a key role in enacting term limits on 15 state legislatures as well as enacting and protecting term limits in municipalities and counties all around the country.


“To truly have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we need to put an end to career politicians who are in it for themselves more than for their constituents,” said Rich. “I am proud to support the work taking place in Florida to make sure education in our rapidly changing world is served by fresh ideas from citizen legislators.”


The major donation follows broad support for policies within Amendment 8, offering voters more innovation and opportunity in public education. In addition to term limits, the amendment would remove outdated red tape, making way for student-centered public education possibilities, and it would prioritize and protect civic education to help students become informed, engaged citizens. Each policy impacts innovation and opportunity for Florida education.